Advertising Networks

If you have finished setting-up your faucet, it’s time to monetize it.

Many advertising networks popped up and disappeared shortly after but a these few have been around for a while now and could be considered as trusted.


  • One of the highest-paying advertising networks for the bitcoin niche
  • Various banner formats available (no popups)
  • You only get paid for banner clicks, not for impressions
  • Instant withdrawals (minimum 0.01 BTC)
  • Worst support: Hope you won’t need to contact their support: you won’t get a response

Unfortunately, BitMedia has a very strict approval criteria.

You should only apply for this ad network if your faucet’s design is unique and has a decent traffic volume.

Also, they won’t accept free domain / free hosting websites.

Another thing to keep in mind when submitting your site to BitMedia:

Pay attention to the Add site form.
Make sure you enter correct details about the category your site is part of, its language and most important, give all the information about your site into the Description box.
Include details like number of visitors per day, number of impressions, top 5 countries your faucet receives visitors from etc.


CoinZilla is probably the friendliest ad network out there. Every issue or question you might have, will be resolved in a matter of hours by their nice support staff.

  • Competitive rates;
  • Quick support;
  • You get paid for clicks and/or impressions (they offer banners and popunders)
  • Statistics that updates every 5 minutes;
  • They monetize all visits (as long as we have inventory);
  • Mostly focused on monetize bitcoin related sites, but they accept other niches as well (adult websites, games websites etc..)
  • Payments are made always on time, instant (after a holding period of 7 days);
  • Option to withdraw directly to FaucetHub (min 0.001 BTC)

Things to keep in mind when applying for CoinZilla:

  • Your website has to have a nice design and / or good content. Faucet sites need to have an unique design.
  • Keep your number of ads low. You don’t get accepted if you have a page full of ads.
  • Apply when you have a good Alexa ranking (under 1M).


CoinMedia is probably the best option to go for if your faucet site is really new. You can create an account and get your first ad block codes in minutes as they don’t require a pre validation process for publishers.

CPM model is used (you get paid for impressions)
You can set your own bid for each banner
Only banner advertising is provided (no popups)
Minimum withdraw is 0.004 BTC but there’s a 0.001 BTC fee for each withdrawal

Once you’ve registered, go to Publish / My Sites and add your faucet site. Then, create a few ad places, get their codes and insert them into your faucet script.

When creating an adplace, you can set a price for every 1000 impressions a banner will get. By default, the price is 0.000100, but you should probably decrease that if your faucet is really new to a 0.000090 value.


CoinTraffic has a pretty high CPM but it’s quite difficult to get your site approved. They have strict requirements and the worst part is, you can’t find the exact requirements anywhere.

High CPM rates, up to 5 EUR for best quality websites
Available ad formats: static banner, slider and popunder
Your earnings are counted in EUR but you can only withdraw in Bitcoin (10 EUR minimum)

In order to get approved, you need to have a good, unique website with huge traffic valume (Alexa rank under 500k). You also won’t get approved if most of your traffic comes from Russia/Ukraine.


MellowAds is probably the most popular bitcoin advertising network. However, it doesn’t pay all that well.

  • CPM/CPC model
  • Ad formats: banner, pop-under, short links
  • Faucet – claim this faucet and use the earnings to advertise your own site
  • Minimum withdraw is 0.001 BTC with a 0.0005 BTC fee

To get approved by MellowAds, your site has to have a minimum Alexa rank of 200,000.

Other advertising networks


  • Highest quality and highest paying bitcoin ad network
  • New publishers are only accepted on an invite only
  • You need an Alexa rank under 100k
  • You need 100k daily impressions to get accepted
  • You must also be unique design and branding.


One of the oldest advertising networks for the Bitcoin niche, however they have rather low rates. You get approved on registration, can get ad codes right away.


  • A variety of ad formats (text & banners) but no popups.
  • You get paid per click or per impression (only counts 1 impression from one IP every 24 hours)
  • Instant payments through Bitcoin & Paypal.
  • Withdrawals to any bitcoin address at any time (min withdraw $5).


  • PPC: Pay Per click.
  • CPM Cost per mille 1000 impressions
  • Minimum withdraw $5 in btc No Fees
  • Stats update every hour
  • Must have good quality traffic and clicks. high impressions with no clicks and your site will be rejected.
  • Publishers can transfer there earnings to there advertiser account if they want to advertiser there banners.
  • The more genuine clicks you receive the better the pay.