Alpha Faucet Script – Could Prove Difficult for Beginners

Alpha Faucet Script has been developed by alamin (Hi!) with the sole purpose of giving something back to the faucet community. The script is free to obtain, free to use and it doesn’t come with hidden fees per each claim.

This faucet script doesn’t use a database so installing it is really simple, it has all the features needed to run a secure faucet, support is great.

However, as everything else in life, it also comes with a not-so-great part: there is no admin panel. This means that this faucet’s configuration is done manually, by editing the script files. This isn’t such a difficult thing but it turn out to be challenging for new users as one mistake could mess up the entire script.

Anyway, let’s take a look at it.

Alpha Faucet Script Features

  • Caching data – there is no need for a database.
  • Dual microwallet support – FaucetHub and FaucetSystem.
  • Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
  • Anti-adblocker.
  • Instead of one IP per addy, Locking IP and addy after every successful claim.
  • Errorless PHP script, easily customizable.
  • Countdown Timer added.
  • Preloader added.
  • Integrated with BTCMS API.
  • Sending user’s IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds.
  • Captcha type: ReCaptcha [Custom design, black theme].

Alpha Faucet Script Screenshots

Currently, there are three templates available for you to choose from:

Default template:

Ryukein template:

And this awesome template by Tungaqhd:

How to Install Alpha Faucet Script

Step 1: Get the script with the template you like the most:

Alpha Faucet Script with Default template

Alpha Faucet Script with Ryukein template

Alpha Faucet Script with Tungaqhd template

Step 2: Get FaucetHub API Key / Get Captcha Keys / Upload files

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Step 3: How to configure Alpha Faucet Script

Here comes the tricky part:

The basic configuration requires you to edit the libs/config.php file from your webhost directory
(after uploading the files, you will find it probably under public_html/libs/config.php)

How to get every key here is explained in Step 2, except for BTC.MS key, which you can get it by:

  • Creating an account here
  • Go to My account / Tools / Developers API

Inserting advertising blocks

This will require you to edit the index.php file:

Default template:

Edit index.php file, search for

160x600 banner
728x90 banner
120x600 banner
468x90 banner

and replace them with your own banner codes.

Ryukein template:

Edit index.php file, search for

img src="images/ads.png" class="ads" alt="ads" title="AD SPACE"

and replace it with your own banner codes.

Tungaqhd template:

Edit index.php file, search for


and replace with your own banner codes.

Step 4: Short links extra step

Make sure the ‘xxx’ folder inside your hosting webroot is writable:

– Login to 000webhost or cPanel dashboard and open File manager
– Enter the public_html folder
– Right click the ‘xxx’ folder, click Permissions
– Make sure every box is checked

Update the verifier.php file

– Download the Short Link Patch
– Upload the verifier.php file from the archive and replace the one on your web root here:


Bonus templates

The Tungaqhd template has a few color presets for you to choose from.

Simply edit the index.php file, search for

link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.default.css" id="theme-stylesheet"

and replace style.default.css with the one you like most: style.sea.css


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is there a new patch for the short link. there is no more thanks


Hey! can i add more shortlinks? and last thing can i also use solvemedia/bitcaptcha instead of recaptcha?

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i want to change into


you cant because doesnt provide an actual api key


can i add multiple shortlinks and remove the other source


download link is not work >> please give me another like for download script and batch shortlink with alot of thnx