Buy a Domain Name and Use a Free Webhost

This is the cheapest method to start your faucet and it also has pretty high chances of succeeding. As I’ve mentioned in a former post, most advertising networks won’t accept your faucet if you have a free domain name (like a .TK), but you can use a free webhost service such as the one provided by 000webhost.

Buying a domain

The first thing you need to do is choose a domain. Have a look at this tld-list, pick a TLD and select the cheapest registrar for that domain.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a .PRO domain. Sort that list by Cheapest Registrar and you’ll see that a .PRO domain sold by NameCheap costs $0.88 the first year.

Other TLD examples over at NameCheap:

Go ahead and buy one, it will cost you around $1.06 – you can use PayPal or a credit card.

Setting up Nameservers

Now, you need to notify 000webhost that you’re going to park there your new domain.

Login to your newly created account over at NameCheap (it could be whatever other registrar, it doesn’t matter) and look for a Manage Domain or Manage DNS button. You should see something like this:

Enter the following custom nameservers:


And save the configuration.

Setup the 000webhost account

Go to 000webhost and create a new account. Enter your email address, a password and the domain name you registered earlier.

Set up your website

Once you’ve created you account, log in and click Manage webiste:

Click Set Web Address:

Click Add Domain in the lower right part of the page and select Park Domain:

Enter the previously registered domain:

Once linked, your content will be available at the new free domain name!

You are now ready to upload files and manage databases.

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