Create a Faucet Manager Account

What is is an innovative micro-wallet designed for Faucet owners, app owners and website/service owners.
A micro-wallet opens up the world of Crypto-Currencies to your website or app by allowing you to send Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin payments of any amount to your users with zero transaction fees.

Basically, FaucetHub is the link between faucet sites and faucet users – without such a service, faucet sites would be so much difficult to maintain.

Each time a user claims your faucet, a very small amount of bitcoins will be sent to him. Sending this amount directly through blockchain would generate a much greater fee than the payout itself. Here’s when FaucetHub comes into play: both faucet owners and faucet users have an account there and when transactions take place, they are sent inside FaucetHub – therefore, no fee is deducted.

The only fees that are paid are when a faucet owner makes a deposit to FaucetHub (1.5%) and when a faucet users makes a withdrawal, once he has gathered a minimum amount of satoshis (20,000 sat has a fee of 400 sat). You can see all the fees here.

Create and account over at

  • Follow this link to open a new tab.
  • Click SIGNUP
  • Enter your details, confirm your account and LOGIN
  • Go to USER > Faucet Manager
  • Go to Your Faucets tab from the left
  • Click on Create a New Faucet
  • Enter your faucet name, domain address and click Add Faucet
  • Go back to Your Faucets tab and click Settings next to your new faucet
  • Complete the faucet details (Name, URL, Currency, Timer and Payout Amount)
  • Scroll up and click on Show API Key.

Keep this API Key at hand, you will need it when installing a faucet script.

Make a deposit over at

Users will visit your faucet to get paid so you need to have some coins in your account.

  • Go to User > Faucet Manager
  • Click the Wallet tab on the left
  • Click Bitcoin (or another currency, depending on your faucet preference)
  • Click Generate Bitcoin Address
  • Now send some bitcoins to that address to get them into your Faucet Manager account.

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