Create an SQL Database on 000webhost or cPanel

Database applications are basically a pieces of software designed to handle lots of data, but to store it in a way that’s easy to find and retrieve. A database will be used by your faucet to store your settings but also to store the visitors ip addresses, bitcoin addresses, time of claim etc.

With time, there is going to be a lot of data to be stored and retrieved so a database comes in really handy.

Create a database on 000webhost

This process is really simple. Just login to your 000webhost account and click on Manage database.

Click on the New Database button:

You will be asked to enter a database name, a database user and a database password.

Once the database has been created, you will be able to see the full database name, database user and database host.
REMEMBER THESE ALSO, or better yet, write them down.

Create a database from cPanel

First thing to do, obviously, log into your cPanel hosting account. Then, find the MySQL Databases button and click it:

Next, enter a name for your database and click Create Database:

Now, depending on your hosting plan, you will either need to create a database user yourself or one will be automatically created for you.

If the username is automatically created for you, you will see the following details. WRITE THEM DOWN!

If you need to create a user, scroll down and click Create User. Enter a username and a password:

Last step is to add privileges to the database user. Select all privileges:

Every faucet script requires a database in order to run properly so write these down:

  • DATABASE Password

Your next step is choosing a Faucet Script from the list in the next post.

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