Faucet-in-a-Box Faucet Script – Simple and Easy to Use

Faucet-in-a-Box is a bitcoin faucet script started by the (ex-) FaucetBox micro-payment service. However, in this article, we’re going to talk about the Ultimate version, enhanced by makejar.com (Thanks!)

This faucet script is very common and overused so, unless you modify its appearance and make it unique, you will have slim chances to get accepted in important advertising networks.

Faucet-in-a-Box Features:

  • Three micropayment services: FaucetHub.io / FaucetSystem.com / ePay.info (currently scam-accused).
  • SIX cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin) / LTC (Litecoin) / DOGE (Dogecoin) / PPC (Peercoin) / XPM (Primecoin) / DASH (Dashcoin).
  • Adblock detector.
  • Three captcha systems: SolveMedia / reCAPTCHA / FunCaptcha.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Bot protection from NastyHosts and WaterfallManager.
  • AntiBotLinks integration
  • Editable ban list (for IP addresses and cryptocurrency addresses).

Faucet-in-a-Box Screenshots

Frontend interface:

Admin interface:

How to install Faucet-in-a-Box faucet script

Step 1: Get the script

faucetinabox-ultimate-r69.zip (alternative download link)

Step 2: Get FaucetHub API Key / Get Captcha Keys / Upload files / Create database

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Step 3: Setting up the database

– Enter the public_html directory and look for config.php. Right click on it and click Edit.

– Edit the database-user, database-password and database-name with the ones created at How to create a webhosting database:

– Optionally, edit the faucethub referral link (you can find yours here).

Step 4: Configuring Faucet-in-a-Box Script

First of all, open a browser and navigate to your new domain. If everything worked out well, you will be greeted with an admin password. Write it down somewhere – you will need it to login to the admin panel.

Navigate to http://yourdomain.com/admin.php and login using the previously generated password.

What you need to do here:

  • Choose a name and a short description for your faucet
  • Select the FaucetHub service and enter the Service API key (get one by following the How to create a FaucetHub.io Faucet Manager account guide)
  • Set BTC as currency
  • Set the referral earnings, timer and rewards. Recommended settings:
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Referral earnings: 15%
  • Enable Get Reward button after 10 seconds
  • Rewards: 30sat – 70% / 75sat – 25% / 100sat – 5%
  • Select a captcha service and add your keys (Captcha keys tutorial here)
  • Enable NastyHosts and AntiBotLinks

Under the Templates tab inside the admin page, you will find a few empty boxes (Top box, Right box etc). These boxes are reserved for advertising codes. Follow the STEP 3: Advertising networks to get your ad codes.

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Dixon Martinez

Hi, How can I configure the WaterfallManager api – bot protection service.