FaucetCMS Faucet Script – More Than Just a Faucet

FaucetCMS Faucet Script is definitely an option you need to consider if you want to start your own faucet.

Using this script, you will have everything you need in one place and every option is configurable through the admin panel; you won’t have to manually edit any code files.

It also comes with an installation script, making it even easier to install.

This script is relatively new – it hasn’t been installed by so many faucet owners so you shouldn’t have issues when registering on ad networks that require a faucet with an unique design in order to approve your account (unlike faucet-in-a-box for example which is overused).

However, this script will send a small amount of satoshis to its developer on every claim your visitors will make:

  • For claims between 1 – 99 satoshi – a fee of 3 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims between 100 – 149 satoshi – a fee of 4 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims between 150 – 199 satoshi – a fee of 5 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims over 200satoshi – a fee of 6 sat is paid to script’s developer.

In my opinion, it’s a small price you pay for this great faucet script and it’s worth it.

FaucetCMS Faucet Script Features

  • FaucetHUB and FaucetSystem support (both can be used in the same time)
  • SolveMedia and reCAPTCHA integration
  • Extended statistics stores info about every claim (time, ip, btc address, browser user-agent, system language, if claim is unsuccessful – stores info about error).
    • Easy stats navigation: by date, by IP, bu btc address, etc
    • You can hold/ban IPs or BTC addresses
    • TOR\VPN protection
    • antiADBLOCK
    • One claim per one IP
    • Google analytics integration
    • Both instant or cumulative kinds of faucet
    • Manual payouts + personal witdrawal limits for trusted users
    • All standard features like min\max reward, referral program, timer, showing faucet balance, etc.
    • Three short link services integration: BTC.MS, Shorte.st and Mellow – a secondary method of income.

    You can visit a faucet demo here.

    FaucetCMS Faucet Script Screenshots

    Main Page:

    Admin Page:

    How to Install FaucetCMS Faucet Script

    Step 1: Get the script

    Get the latest version here.
    Alternative download link: FCMS-0-9-5.zip

    Step 2: Get FaucetHub API Key / Get Captcha Keys / Upload files / Create database

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    Make sure you upload the files inside the archive from the ‘upload/’ folder to your web host webroot folder (probably named public_html/ ).

    Step 3: Run the installation script

    Yes, this faucet script comes with an automatic installation tool which is awesome.

    After uploading the files, open a browser and navigate to http://yourdomain.com/install.php

    Fill in the fields:

    • You faucet address

    Press Save.

    Your faucet is now installed. Remember to delete the install.php and install_proceed.php from your web host after completing the installation.

    Step 4: (Optional) Choosing a template

    You might have noticed, there’s a templates/ folder inside the script’s zip file. Besides the default template, you can install one of these three templates:




    To install any of these templates, overwrite this file from your web root:


    With this file inside the downloaded zip file:


    Step 5: Configure FaucetCMS Faucet Script

    As mentioned before, everything is customizable from inside the admin panel.

    Open a browser and point it to http://yourdomain.com/admin

    Your default credentials are
    username: admin
    password: admin

    The first thing you need to do is change the admin username and password from Service tab.

    Next, go to Settings tab and configure the basic settings:

    Claim time: Time between claims (Recommended: 30)

    Instant payment: Enter 1 for instant payment or 0 for withdraw limit. The second options means that a user has to reach a certain amount of satoshi before he’ll be able to withdraw them. (Up to you but keep in mind that instant payment faucets are more appreciated by faucet users)

    Withdraw limit: Minimum amount of satoshi required to enable withdraw (Only needed when previous setting is 0)

    Min and Max rewards: Visitors are rewarded a random amount of satoshis inside these values (Recommended: 50 – 100)

    Referral bonus: Referral program award (Recommended: Keep this under 25%)

    Shorten services:

    Shorten links enabled: Set 1 for enabled or 0 for disabled.
    Shorten links bounce: Amount of satoshi a user is rewarded for visiting one of the shorten links (Recommended: 50)

    SIDE NOTE: There are three available shorten services, each will reward a specific amount of satoshi, besides what the faucet is already giving away. For example, if a user has visited all three shorten links, he will be awarded 150 sat + whatever the faucet is already giving, let’s say 75 sat, so a total payout of 225 sat.

    However, you should only use the BTCMS service as the other two (mellow and shorte.st) are only counting unique visitors per day. So, if a user has claimed your faucet and visited the shorten links 10 times in 24 hours – you will get paid from mellow and shorte.st only once.

    To get a BTCMS API Key, click here and create an account. Then go to My Account / Tools / Developers API.

    If you still want to use the other two, you need to get the API Keys from them also:

    Mellow Ads: Create an account here, then go to Account / Account details / API Settings.
    Shorte.st: Create an account here, then go to More Tools / Developers API.

    Captcha settings: You can either use reCaptcha or SolveMedia or both. Follow the guide at Step 2 for API Keys.

    Payment gateways: Get the FaucetHub API Key by following the guide at Step 2.

    The rest of the configuration is up to you (Pages, menus etc).

    Once you registered to a few advertising networks (CoinAdia Step 3), you will be able to insert the ad blocks code from Homepage Layout tab.

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    This page isn’t working
    kmgshaidul.000webhostapp.com is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    I’m facing this error please give me solution.

    abraham litecoin
    abraham litecoin

    just change the php version to 5.4 but using that host make ur site take time to loading it


    Thanks for your Replay, but still it’s not working.


    How can I fix this? Please help me asap?


    Я столкнулся с этой ошибкой, пожалуйста, дайте мне решение.
    Страница недоступна
    Сайт faucet-btc.000webhostapp.com пока не может обработать этот запрос.
    HTTP ERROR 500
    Как я могу это исправить? Пожалуйста, помогите мне как можно скорее((

    PHP 7.1 ??


    Текущая версия: PHP 5.6 ))


    000webhost. Капча SolveMedia не отображается на https:// ?? > http://
    Установка FaucetCMS faucet!
    http://ваш сайт/install.php > Укажи http://ваш сайт/
    Как войти в админ панель сайта
    1) http://ваш сайт/admin
    2) http://ваш сайт/auth/admlogin

    Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar

    How To Do That Amazing Please Tell Me How To Install This FaucetCMS Faucet Script Can u Make a Video How to install I Give You 20$ For This Work ARE U intrest email me On This rahuld97me@gmail.com


    How to fix HTTP Error 500 after clicking Save on /install.php ?


    I have the same mistake.


    How to fix clicking Save on /install.php show You missed something, go back and try again. If you have no ideas why it happening email me – support@deep64.com
    please help me

    Mike (developer)

    Hey guys. The most frequent reason you’re getting HTTP ERROR 500 – is your php version.
    Before contact me via email:
    1. Please MAKE SURE it’s 5.4-5.6.
    2. Also MAKE SURE install.php and install_proceed.php have enough rights to write in the directory with faucet.
    3. Also don’t miss correct database connection.
    4. MAKE SURE you uploaded ALL files from upload folder, not only install and install_proceed.

    Also as I can see a lot of people facing problems on the 000webhost hosting. I can say it’s the worst hosting ever. Despite that I know few faucets working there with my script.



    Shorten services!
    Can add – catcut.net : API key???

    Example site > fcoin.tk/en


    sir this site show page not working
    file zila upload file
    i am confuge db name db user name password enter this option
    please sir help me


    google is saying that the site has virus! Red Screen. I did scan and site detected that there are some parts encrypted in index.php

    img >comment image Help


    to me shows me a different error at all tells me (The application environment is not set correctly.)


    After install version FCMS-0-9-8, login to admin panel is inpossible.
    No input file specified.


    6 days ago and no response, or script still not fixed.
    Very bad support


    hello friend how i use the pages and menu.

    Manoj Rajbanshi
    Manoj Rajbanshi

    When I upload both the files in ETH and DOGE the admin oanel shows the same GUEI spent today. I want to create a doge faucet. Help


    Warning: require_once(siteurl.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xsite/buttonfor.me/application/config/config.php on line 17

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    Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar

    Where to find foucet url


    fatal error


    o enderenco para alteracao dos dados nao abre http://yourdomain.com/install.php ????