Get Captcha Keys: reCaptcha / SolveMedia

What is a captcha

Captcha is a type of human response test. It basically is a system created to distinguish humans from automated scripts (bots). It’s actually an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Setting humans apart from bots it’s vital for your faucet’s health (and for your finances). Once you launch a faucet site, you become a target for hackers, script kiddies and other ill-intended persons that will try and steal your money using programs and scripts.

A captcha is the first step in protecting your facet against those attacks.

Get reCaptcha Keys

Click here to open the Google reCaptcha manager page.

Label your new site and add your domain to the domain list, accept the ToS and click Register.

Now, click the new created site and scroll down to Adding reCaptcha to your site. Click Keys.

SAVE THESE KEYS! You will need them while configuring your faucet.

Get SolveMedia Keys

Go to SolveMedia Publishers Page and click Sign Up.

Once you’ve created your account, go to Configure > Sites.

Click on New Site.

Enter a description, your domain and check a few categories.

Now, click the Keys button and find your keys.

SAVE THESE KEYS! You will need them while configuring your faucet.

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From a users standpoint, how do I get SolveMedia to appear, when given the choice between it & Recaptcha (which has become inoperable, endless loops of nonsense). 2 sites I use offer it, but it doesn’t show up whenever I select it at the sites. I would prefer to use SolveMedia, because it always works! Please help!