Register a Domain Name and Get Web Hosting – FREE

Using a free domain name and free web hosting isn’t something I would recommend unless you’re really new at this and you want to experiment first with a faucet site before actually putting money in it. Using free services isn’t recommended because:

  • Many ad networks don’t accept free domain names
  • If you go for a free hosting plan, expect service interruptions, delay in site response, limited resources, etc

Overall, if you’re willing to accept a mediocre service, let’s continue.

OPTION 1: Free domain name from Freenom and free web hosting from 000Webhost

A TLD stands of Top Level Domain and it’s the part of the domain name located in the end, after the dot. For example, .com, .net, .org are TLDs.

There are only a handful of TLDs available to register for free:

Freenom allows you to register .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF and .GQ.

For this guide, I’ll use as an example signup:

1. Go to Freenom and check availability

Click here and enter a domain name to see if it’s avilable:


2. Click checkout and add 000webhost DNS

Click Use DNS and go to Use your own DNS tab. There, add the following nameservers:



Click Continue

3. Register your account at Freenom

Enter your email address:


Click Verify My Email Address.

Now check your email and follow the registration link you got from Freenom. You will be taken to a website that requires your personal data and a password. Fill that form and you’re done. You can now login to your Freenom account by using the email address used earlier and the password you just entered in the form.

4. Create an account at 000Webhost

Go to 000webhost and create a new account. Enter your email address, a password and the domain name you registered earlier.

5. Set up your website

Once you’ve created you account, log in and click Manage webiste:

Click Set Web Address:

Click Add Domain in the lower right part of the page and select Park Domain:

Enter the previously registered domain:

Once linked, your content will be available at the new free domain name!

You are now ready to upload files and manage databases.

OPTION 2: Free domain name and free webhosting at BIZ.NF

BIZ.NF allows you to register a CO.NF TLD. This step is a bit easier because you register a free domain and get website hosting from the same site:

1. Go to BIZ.NF and search for your desired domain name

Click Register, and select Free Hosting Plan on the next page and click Continue:

Fill all the required fields, enter an email address and a password. Then, confirm your email by visiting the link you got in your mail and that’s it, you are presented with the BIZ.NF Dashboard:

That’s it, your account is ready to have a faucet script installed.

OPTION 3: Free domain name and free webhosting at FreeHostingEU

FreeHostingEU allows you to register .EU.PN / .ME.PN TLDs. To get such a domain name and free hosting, go to FreeHostingEU and follow the same steps as OPTION 2.

Following either one of these options will have gotten you a DOMAIN NAME and a WEBHOSTING PLAN. The next thing you have to do is follow STEP 2: Choosing a faucet script.

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