URL Shorteners List for Faucets: Tested and Reviewed

More and more URL shorteners popup, some are here to stay, some can’t keep up with paying their users and shut down.

Also, more and more faucet scripts are using these URL shorteners to increase their payouts to their users but faucets often pay their users instantly, while shorteners pay the faucet owners after a few days, if they pay at all.

An example of such a script is CoinBox. This script allows a faucet owner to create a list of shorteners and will send each faucet visitor to each shortener address only once in 24 hours (because most shorteners only count a visit per 24 hours).

Another example is FaucetHero, a free faucet hosting service which allows a faucet owner to add a shorteners list and select which ones count unique visits and which count all visits so each faucet visitor will be sent once per 24 to unique ones and then will be sent to all views ones repeatedly until 24 hours pass.

Therefore, a list with URL shorteners was needed, so faucet owners will know which shorteners to use and which to skip using.

The shorteners in this list are currently used on my faucets and will try to update them as frequently as possible with info about which one is paying or not, which one is delaying payments and so on.

Hope you will find this list useful.


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