WordPress Faucet Scripts – Add a Faucet to Your Blog

If you already have a WordPress blog running, adding a faucet to it might significantly increase your traffic.

I’m not going to post a how to install a wordpress blog tutorial, just follow one of the thousand available on Google 😉 .

Currently, there are two scripts available:

  • 99 Bitcoins Faucet
  • Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress(ex WP Fauset)

Let’s talk a bit about each one.

99 Bitcoins BTC Faucet Script

This is an amazing script, it has a lot of features that you, as a faucet owner, definitely need!

Also, being a WordPress plugin means that you can easily change the appearance of your faucet by changing the WordPress theme. Having an unique designed faucet will increase your chances of getting accepted in several advertising networks.

99 Bitcoins BTC Faucet Script Feature List

  • Support for FaucetHub payments
  • Choose between reCaptcha and SolveMedia captchas
  • Multiple reward system
  • Seniority feature – rewards are increased for users that return on your faucets for a consecutive number of days
  • Payment logs and graphs
  • Different statistics (Top claims, top referrers, past 24 days claims etc)
  • Detailed stats for each bitcoin address
  • IP/BTC address ban list
  • Request support from developer right from inside your faucet dashboard

Not so good features:

  • There is NO instant payout option. Users are forced to reach the withdraw threshold you defined and you have to send the payouts to the users that have reached that treshold.
  • This is something users don’t take very well due to trust issues – especially from new faucets.

  • For every payout, there’s a 0.5% fee sent to the script developer. You can disable this but you won’t be able to auto update the script (will have to do it manually)

Everything you need to know about installing and configuring this script has already been written by the script’s author (there’s also a video tutorial).

So, if you want to use this script, HERE you find the download link, install instructions etc.

Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress (ex WP Fauset)

This plugin is basically the Faucet-in-a-Box script ported for WordPress.

Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress (ex WP Fauset) Features

  • Three micropayment services: FaucetHub.io / FaucetSystem.com / ePay.info (currently scam-accused).
  • SIX cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin) / LTC (Litecoin) / DOGE (Dogecoin) / PPC (Peercoin) / XPM (Primecoin) / DASH (Dashcoin).
  • Adblock detector.
  • Three captcha systems: SolveMedia / reCAPTCHA / FunCaptcha.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Bot protection from NastyHosts and WaterfallManager.
  • AntiBotLinks integration
  • Editable ban list (for IP addresses and cryptocurrency addresses).

Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress (ex WP Fauset) Screenshots

Public Page:

Admin Page:

How to install Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress (ex WP Fauset)

Installing a WordPress plugin is quite simple. Just open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins / Add New.

Use the search field and type Bitcoin Faucet. Then press Install Now and Activate on this card:

Now go to WordPress Dashboard / Settings / Bitcoin Faucet and edit the settings (You can use the same guide for Faucet-in-a-Box).

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